Seat Contours

On the Technical Side... Seat Contours

Karl J. Marion, MS, CIE, CPE


Many people have asked about seat contours – why is it that we do a contoured seat, and what exactly are the benefits of a contoured seat?

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On the Technical Side... Neckrolls

Karl J. Marion, MS, CIE, CPE


The term "neckroll" has been mistakenly identified with the concept of a headrest, but let me assure you that a neckroll is not a headrest, nor is a headrest a neckroll - there are some dramatic differences between the two.

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Issues With Obesity

On the Technical Side...  Issues with Obesity

by Karl J. Marion, MS, CIE, CPE


Whether it is related to a genetic disposition or to a medical condition, obesity is a condition that an increasing number of people have come to wrestle with. There are some distinct issues with seating that are rather unique to larger individuals – this Technical Side will touch on a few.

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Musculoskeletal Disorders

On the Technical Side... Musculoskeletal Disorders

by Karl J. Marion, MS, CIE, CPE


Musculoskeletal disorders is a catch-all term for a number of different disorders and diagnoses... all of which have the common bond of being related to muscles involving muscular action or the lack of action including weakness and disability.

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Coccyx Injuries

On the Technical Side... Coccyx Injuries and the Tailcut

 by Karl J. Marion, MS, CIE, CPE


Imagine what it's like to not be able to sit down – any time that you sit, intense pain shoots through your bottom and back. That would be miserable, you say? So do many people who experience that on a daily basis, and unfortunately it doesn't take much to have something like that happen.

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